Meet Day Breakdown

Example Schedule

6:30 – 7:00 AM | Check-in

7:00 – 8:30 AM | Weigh-ins

8:45 AM | Lifter’s Briefing

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Lifting Session 1

Session 1 awards to follow at the conclusion of lifting

When you arrive at the venue on the day of the meet, you will first proceed to the check-in table. At the check-in table, you will need to show the referee your USAPL membership card and photo ID. Some meets will have early check in the night before. If you participate in early check-ins, you will not need to check in on the morning of the meet. Check-ins typically start 30 minutes before weigh-ins.

In USA Powerlifting, weigh-ins MUST begin 2 hours before lifting starts. Athletes will be randomly assigned a lot number. Athlete’s will weigh in order of lot numbers (i.e. lot number 101 will weigh before number 102, etc.). If you do not report to the scale at the time your lot number is called, you will be moved to the back of the line. Be ready to go!

What do you need to bring to weigh-ins?

  • Photo ID
  • Opening attempts (in kilograms) for squat, bench and deadlift

What do you need to wear to weigh-ins?

  • Wear clothes that are easily removable
  • You must stript down to your socks and underwear but you can remove more if needed to make weight

After weigh-ins, you will typically have an hour or so before the meet begins. This is your chance to eat and hydrate! All lifters will be sorted into flights. Flights are typically composed of lifters in the same weight class. After weigh-ins and before the meet starts, it is important to check your flight so that you know when you are lifting!

Below is the progression of the flights during lifting. Flight A will begin their first attempt squats when the meet starts exactly at 9 (in this example). This means that flight A should begin warming up for squats BEFORE 9am.

Flight B does not need to start warming up for squats until after flight A begins lifting. A flight of 10 people will take approximately 30 minutes to finish all 3 squats (3 mins per person).

Flight A – Squat 1

Flight A – Squat 2

Flight A – Squat 3

Flight B – Squat 1

Flight B – Squat 2

Flight B – Squat 3

Flight A – Bench 1

Flight A – Bench 2

Flight A – Bench 3

Flight B – Bench 1

Flight B – Bench 2

Flight B – Bench 3

Flight A – Deadlift 1

Flight A – Deadlift 2

Flight A – Deadlift 3

Flight B – Deadlift 1

Flight B – Deadlift 2

Flight B – Deadlift 3

Your opening squat attempt was submitted to the referee during weigh-ins. You can change your opening attempt up until 10 minutes before the start of your flight.

After you complete your first attempt, you will walk directly to the score table and submit the weight for your second attempt. The weight on the bar must go up (you can never drop the weight) and you only have 1 minute to submit the weight to the score table. After your second attempt is submitted, rest in the staging area until all athletes have finished their first attempt squat.

After you have completed your second squat, you will proceed directly to the score table to submit your 3rd attempt weight.  Again, wait in the staging area until all second attempt squats are completed.

If you are awarded with white lights on your previous lift and do not report to the score table in time, your next attempt will be 2.5 kg higher than your last attempt.

If you fail the lift and do not report to the score table in time, your next attempt will be entered as the same weight as the previous attempt.

Once your flight of lifters has completed all attempts, the next flight will begin immediately after. After all flights have finished squatting, the platform will take a 10 minute break before Flight A returns to bench. The same flight progression will continue for bench, with a 10 minute break before deadlifts.